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If You Blog, You May Need Professional Liability Insurance

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Every business is advised to have a blog, but does this come with risks? Surprisingly, yes. A blog may mention a specific company, competitor, or include claims regarding results, and under the right conditions, could lead to a lawsuit. Companies that make promises about what they can achieve can be at high risk. What if the advice is taken, with no result, or a bad result? Business liability insurance covers the business against the risk of an accusation of false advertising.

Business Blogging and Liability

Blogs are among the most popular ways people get information, but a business blog comes with some risks. The types of issues that may arise related to a business blog include:

  • Claims of libel: If a blog mentions a competitor or a product, it can trigger a lawsuit by the named person or manufacturer who accused you of libel.
  • Claims of invasion of privacy: Posting images is always a good idea, but you must ensure the person in the image approves the publication of an image.
  • Securities fraud: A company that promotes themselves through a blog must be very careful with the words used, or may be subject to scrutiny and legal problems from the SEC.
  • False advertising claims: If you promote your product, company, or services in a blog, and a consumer claims the blog presented false information or the product did not perform as described, you may be facing a false advertising claim.
  • Defamation claims: A person mentioned in the blog may take offense to what is written and file a defamation lawsuit against you.

Blog for a Living? Get Covered with Liability Insurance.

If you are a blogger and are busy monetizing your activity, attracting followers, and watching your dream come true, it can turn into a nightmare when someone takes offense to your words. To protect against the cost of defending the lawsuit, putting a liability insurance policy in place can save you from a total financial disaster.
Whether you write a business blog, personal finance blog, interior design blog, news blog, political blog, or a benign blog such as a mommy blog or food blog, you need insurance to protect you against the significant losses if a lawsuit or claim is filed against you. Whether the accusation is true or false, you still need an attorney to defend against the accusations. That’s when your liability insurance can be a lifesaver.

What is Business Liability Insurance?

Business liability insurance protects against claims for personal injury, property damage, advertising injuries such as errors or misstatements. It also protects you against the losses from bodily injuries, libel, and slander. Gossipy blogs may be fun to read, but an individual mentioned may not appreciate any shared, incorrect news they claim has damaged reputation. General liability insurance pays for your defense costs if a lawsuit is filed against you, as well as pays out on judgments up to policy limits.

Choose the Best Blogger Liability Insurance

Get help from a local agent to select the policy that will best suit your blogging activity. It is advised that you seek the help of a professional in the insurance industry to guide you to a policy with the highest limits at the lowest cost, from a reputable insurance provider.