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As Lightning Strikes: Service Spotlight on The Simms Insurance Agency


The Simms Insurance Agency and ERIE Insurance believe in being “Above All in Service” when it comes to helping our clients handle whatever comes their way in life. Take Sean F’s story for example…

When Customer Sean F.’s house was struck by lightning and was severely damaged, he immediately contacted his agent, Sheila Simms of the Simms Insurance Agency in Lexington Park, Maryland. Property Claims Reinspector Steve Harmel stepped up to handle the claim and received praise from both the customer and the agent for a job well done.

Sean emailed his thanks after the claim was settled:

“I want to offer my wife’s and my sincere thanks for your support these last several months. Although I hope circumstances will not require us to interact further in the future, I’m comforted knowing what kind of service I can expect.”

Sheila had positive words of her own to share in an email to Silver Branch Manager Sandy Dorsey.

“Last year I had a claim where the insured’s house was struck by lightning and the back wall was completely blown out of the house. ERIE was very busy at that time and after contacting you and then one of the claims supervisors, Steve stepped up to bat and handled this claim for our agency. He is exactly what ERIE needs as a claims representative.”